About the Institute

Mission and Objectives

The FSU Family Institute is a multidisciplinary unit established to bring together faculty, students, government, and community resources to provide a centralized source of information, research capacity, and critical thinking related to families. The mission is carried out through the following objectives:

  • Conduct and disseminate research to advance scientific knowledge of the forces that influence the capacity of families to provide healthy environments for their children.
  • Design and deliver model educational training and other programs for professionals, children and their families.
  • Collaborate with associates from other universities, agencies and institutions serving children and their families.
  • Use research-based data to guide state policy activities which impact child and family well-being, and critically evaluate the outcomes of current policies for children and families in Florida.
  • Provide training opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students and in-service training to professionals working with children and families.
  • Secure funding for projects in keeping with the mission of the Institute.


The FSU Family Institute is led by its Director Frank Fincham who draws on the advice of an international Scientific Advisory Board comprising world leaders in family research. Local and state wide associates carry out the work of the FSU Family Institute. The university-based associates are nationally recognized experts in their fields. The FSU Family Institute Circle of Friends includes individuals and organizations that have generously provided financial support for the future development of the Institute.

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Dr. Frank Fincham

Institute Director


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