Impact of Prayer on Relationships

The Family Institute works with local families, strengthening relationships through research. We received a $1.29 million grant to do pioneering research on the impact of prayer on relationship wellbeing. The resulting research is published in prestigious peer reviewed journals and has opened up a new field of scholarship. Among other things, it has been used to improve the efficacy of the most widely used program to strengthen marital relationships.

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The Family Institute is constantly engaged in projects throughout the Southeast. Below are just a few examples of projects funded by grants:

  • Received $2,612,104 from Administration of Children and Families to develop a national model of relationship education for young adults. For further information Click Here.
  • Established Program for Strong African American Marriages (ProSAAM) in collaboration with University of Georgia. This program was made possible by a $1,129,825 research grant from the Templeton Foundation and by a $769,935 grant from the Administration for Children and Families. For further information Click Here.
  • Received $1,129,825 grant to document the impact of prayer on relational and physical health.
  • Convened the conference, Florida Families in the 21st Century: Theory, Values and Action, and published the proceedings.
  • Convened the conference on romantic relationships in emerging adults. To obtain the resulting book Click Here.
  • Initiated an internship program for students in Marriage and Family Therapy with Capitol Area Community Action Agency Head Start, funded by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT).
  • Established the Human Development and Housing Project, funded by the Bruner Foundation.
  • Received $100,000 appropriation from Florida Legislature to plan a long-term study of the relationship between family violence, especially child abuse, and juvenile issues such as crime, criminal behavior, and school behavioral problems. For further information, Click Here
  • Participating unit in the Applied Developmental Science (ADS) Task Force which includes the American Psychological Association and the Gerontological Society of America. Co-sponsored ADS national conference, "Public Policy and Social Change: Training Human Development Professionals for the Twenty-first Century" which was held at FSU.
  • The Family Institute was also involved in an Inter-University Consortium, which was officially dissolved in 2013. 
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