EDU: Seminole Strong, Workplace Ready


Equality, Diversity, Understanding:

Seminole Strong, Workplace Ready


In partnership with theCollege of Social Work, College of Communication and Information, and Office of Distance Learning, the FSU Family Institute is currently developing a signature program to improve the relationships of FSU students

Product:  Development and dissemination of a graphic rich, online Blackboard™ training offered to Deans and Directors across FSU for their students’ use to learn essential relationship and workplace skills.

Welcome to the Florida State University course: Equality, Diversity, Understanding: Seminole Strong, Workplace Ready. This training will provide students with the skills they need to create healthy teams and relationships based on FSU’s core values of respect, diversity, and collaboration. It will enhance their employability by teaching essential workplace skills applicable to any employer and within the community

The FSU EDU training will include:

  • Full color interactive web curriculum and resources (campus and community) for students, who can take the training and access the resources 24/7
  • Hosting through the Office of Distance Learning and Blackboard Learning™
  • Free access to FSU students, faculty, and staff, and departments
  • Research-based content, full color, easy navigation, and certificate of completion

By the end of this training, students will:

  • Understand FSU values
  • Understand that career success requires more than mastery of academic skills
  • Embrace the importance of diversity on campus and in the workforce
  • Know how to effectively communicate with others
  • Use conflict resolution skills
  • Maintain cultural competence in their interactions with others
  • Acquire the skills of highly functioning team members
  • Understand the importance and components of healthy relationships in the heart, home, campus, and community
  • Know how to recognize and avoid unhealthy relationships
  • Enhance employability by acquiring essential workplace skills applicable to any employee
  • Earn a Certificate of Training after successful completion.

Sustainability: The partners are seeking funding to expand this program to an independent website for a broader dissemination plan. Future funding will contribute to the development of resource tools and the programming for a hosted university training site.

Research Component: Four published peer reviewed studies conducted at the FSU Family Institute document the efficacy of on-line relationship training with both students and married couples. For access to these studies, please click here.

In the present project, brief voluntary, anonymous surveys will be attached to the curriculum to collect data to add to the scholarly knowledge base about diversity, relationships, and community. This research will also be used to promote the further dissemination of the training on an independent website platform.

Click here to access the full flyer.

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